Easter Milkshake fundraiser


Milkshakes and movies were on offer at the end of term to help students raise much-needed cash for charity.

A group of Year 9 students whipped up some sweet treats during their lunch break for others to drink whilst watching the movie Hop to celebrate the up-coming Easter break.

A range of shakes were on offer including chocolate and strawberry topped with a dollop of ice cream. There was also a selection of homemade cakes for sale too.

The girls made so many of the cool beverages that they managed to raise £36 for Childrens’ Hospice South West

During the sale student Amelia Taylor said: “We made all the cakes ourselves last night and it did take quite a while.

“We had a milkshake and they were really tasty.

“We are holding the event to raise money for charity.”

Earlier in the year students raised £52 for the charity when they made hot chocolates for the screening of a Christmas movie in their classroom.

Christiana Richardson