Interactive workshop for Year 11

An interactive workshop to help boost memory skills and self-confidence will be taking place at Pool Academy this week.

Year 11s will be invited to take part in the event which will run from 8.50am to 1.10pm on Thursday, April 4.

It has been described as ‘A highly interactive multisensory learning experience, a fast-paced, high-energy, highly interactive workshop designed to improve memory skills, increase self-confidence, understand the importance of reflective practices and regular review, and to prepare for exams.’.

It is hoped those taking part will become more aspirational with higher self-belief and a even more positive attitude towards learning.

During the session they will be given a number of tools to help with future learning.

The workshop has been created by organisation Positively MAD which aims to inspire empowered learning.

A flyer for the event reads: “It's a refreshing 2½ hour learning to learn presentation for students which will boost exam performance.

“Positively MAD Students will leave the Exambusters workshop feeling energized, enthusiastic and far better prepared for their workload and their exams.”

It is hoped that the skills learned in the workshop will help students prepare mentally and physically for exams, improve learning skills and get the confidence to aspire higher.

Christiana Richardson