Revision trip a success

An adventurous revision trip in Dorset has been hailed a success as praise pours in from staff, students and parents.

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Pool Academy teachers organised a couple of trips to Osmington Bay in Dorset last term packed full of adventure activities and revision sessions to bolster Maths studies.

Groups of Year 11s were given a timetable split into morning and afternoon sessions. While one group revised topics for their GCSE maths the other half took part in activities including abseiling, fencing, kayaking and problem solving. They then swopped over for the next session.

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Alastair James, Head of Faculty for Maths, Geography and History, said: “The revision weekends went really well.

“The students were very well behaved and the revision sessions were focused. They were superb and their attitude towards the weekend was brilliant. They were also all supportive of each other.”

Matthew, Head Boy at Pool Academy, said: “I found the revision sessions helpful because they reminded me of a lot of work. It is nice to revise out of school.”

Another student said: “These revision sessions were helpful as they went over several topics and they didn’t make me lose concentration.”

Another said: “I found the sessions a great way to boost my knowledge.”

Mr James added: “This was an opportunity for students to engage in really specialised revision.

 “During the revision sessions we worked on the areas for development from their latest mocks. We revised topics they felt less confident with.

“It was a really exciting opportunity to do revision in a completely different way. The idea was to have some real fun and focus on revision.”

Christiana Richardson