Student passes army assessment

A Pool Academy student is looking forward to joining the army after passing his assessment recently.

Ben Opie, Year 11, travelled to Pirbright in Surrey to take part in a number of activities over a few days, alongside about 48 others, at the end of March.


He is a member of the Camborne ACF so as soon as he turned 15 years and 7 months he signed up to become a member of the army after his A Levels.

As part of his assignment he had to run 1.5 miles, which he did in about nine minutes, take part in a medical and some other team activities. He has now been told he has passed.

He said: “I came second in the 1.5 mile run.

“I have always wanted to be in the army so I am quite excited.”

Ben has always wanted to follow this career path and hopes to become a Paratrooper. He will be joining Harrogate Army College later this year.

He has been a member of the cadets in Camborne for around four years.

Simon Ferguson, who is the CCF Contingent Commander for Combined Cadet Force at Pool Academy, said: “It is amazing that Ben has passed his assessment and will have many opportunities opening up for him in the Army Foundation in Harrogate. I wish him all the best.”

Christiana Richardson