Student’s Taekwondo success

A Taekwondo ace from Pool Academy is celebrating after achieving a top grading in the sport.


Poppy, Year 9, travelled to Derby to take part in a grading examination where she was awarded a 2nd Dan Black belt.

She is now the youngest in her club, Cornwall Taekwondo, to have received the grading.

Poppy, who has been practising the sport since she was in Year 2, said she had to memorise a lot before she was awarded the grading earlier this month.

She said: “I had to do a pattern and some sparing and I had to do it all from memory. I also had to do theory about pattern meanings and what you would have to use in a real situation.

“It was tough and I was really nervous. I was given the grading the day after and I felt relieved and happy.”

Poppy, who attends Taekwondo club two times a week at Pool Academy, said everyone was proud of her.

She added: “I can do the next grading in two years’ time. This will be for the 3rd Dan.”

Justyn Heath, from the club, said: “As a club we are very proud of her and hope she progresses further.”

Christiana Richardson