Student dreams of racing

A Year 7 student is a keen racing fan and can’t wait to be old enough to take part in the sport fully.

Adam Mitchell splits his spare time between playing for his local football team and learning all about racing.

adam mitchell.jpg

He said he will have to wait four more years before he can get behind the wheel but that hasn’t stopped him from learning all he can about cars. He recently helped to install a new gear box and loves to spray cars with designs and to do touch ups.

He is currently saving to buy a car of his own when he is older.

Adam, a former Pencoys Primary School pupil, said: “I love seeing the racing, I love the speed. My dad took me to see some racing when I was smaller and that got me into it.”

Adam is also a keen footballer and plays for his Under 12 team at Troon Football Club. He has been playing football for eight years and has a match on Sunday against an Illogan team.

At school Adam enjoys English and making woodwork items in DT.

Christiana Richardson