Footballers organise seven-hour charity match

 A group of Year Eight footballers is organising a sponsored seven-hour match to raise much-needed cash for charity.

The idea has been inspired by the Children’s Hospice South West £20 challenge. Pool Academy students were encouraged to find ways to use the money to raise much, much more for the charity.


Dylan, Ned and Lewis, spokespersons on behalf of the fundraising team, said they would like as many students as possible to take part.

Ned said: “We will be holding the seven-hour football day for the Children’s Hospice South West on the last day before half term.

“Our group will be playing all day and we are asking people to pay 50p to take part in football instead of their planned PE lesson.

“At break and lunch we will ask them to pay £1 to take part.

“There will also be snacks on sale so they can have snacks and watch if they don’t want to play.”

Lewis said: “We got the idea because we play a lot of football and we enjoy it.”

The boys said they have never organised an event like this and hope lots of people will sponsor them or join in.

Ned said: “We are looking forward to it and we hope people remember to bring in their money so they can take part too.”

Dylan and the team have created posters for the event.

Dylan’s read: “We are raising money so that we can help save young people’s or babies’ lives. We ask you to help support CHSW because of their amazing help.”