Hockey student becomes leader

A hockey player from Pool Academy has been coaching budding goalies and helping in PE lessons after completing leadership training.

Daisy, Year 10, has helped a member of Treloweth Primary School and a Year 7 student to become better goalies.

The primary school pupil then went on to take part in tournaments last month.

Daisy t.jpg

Daisy took part in a leadership course, once a week, with AIM Project last term along with other students. This meant they were able to help out in Year 7 sports classes.

PE teacher, Sharon Bright, saw Daisy’s coaching potential and encouraged her to help with the younger children.

Daisy said: “I love hockey and it is great to help others who also have the same passion in the sport.

“Hockey season has now finished so we’ll see what happens when the new season starts.

“Taking part in the leadership training and helping the Year 7s in sport could be a good tool to have in the future.

“I want to be in the Police Force when I am older.”

Meanwhile two other girls from Year 10, Grace and Lucie, have been helping to umpire games. The two students from Pool Academy regularly play for Duchy Ladies hockey team.

Mrs Bright said: “Well done girls.”

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for PE, Art, Drama and Music, said: “It is wonderful to hear about our students using their talents to help others.

“Not only do these three girls play hockey well but they now help others to succeed in the sport too.  They are a credit to the school.

“Well done girls.”