Students invent 'The Waffle Song' to advertise their fundraiser

Students have turned their recent fundraiser into a bit of a song and a dance to help collect as much money as possible.


A group of Year 7s have penned a song about waffles and choreographed moves to go along with it to help promote their charity waffle sale.

For the past week the girls have been visiting classrooms offering students the chance to buy a waffle, croissant or pain au chocolat for an early morning treat. For a few extra pennies they were also allowed to top the snacks with chocolate spread or syrup.

The group have raised more than £10 so far for Children's Hospice South West.

Ebony, one of the students selling the sweet treats, said the idea came after they had a meeting with Pool Academy Principal, Claire Meakin, to discuss fundraising ideas.

She said: “We were with Miss Meakin and we did a song and a dance about waffles and then we had an idea to make it a charity thing. Our tutor said it could be a good idea to sell waffles.”

Lily, another Year 7 selling waffles, said: “We are not sure the total amount we have raised so far but it is definitely more than £10. We have sold about 30 things. Everyone was excited to see them and put syrup on them.”

Jessica provided some of the pastries for sale.

She said: “We have enjoyed selling waffles to raise money for charity.”

Charlie Palmer-Round, their tutor at Pool Academy, said: “I am immensely proud of 7CPA for their continued efforts at trying to raise money for such a worthy cause.  My tutor group are always looking for ways to raise money for charity, this shows a real sense of community spirit and giving, 

“Well done 7CPA.”


The Waffle song.


Waffles x 4,

 Waffles, waffles, waffles, yeah, yeah, yeah. x2

You can have waffles with anything.

Sugar, yeah, syrup, yeah, sprinkles, yeah,



Waffles are great, waffles are good, even better than a little kids pud.

If you want sugar, then this is the thing.

Grab yourself a waffle and have a little sing.


Waffles x 4,

 Waffles, waffles, waffles, yeah, yeah, yeah. x2

You can have waffles at any time.

Breakfast, yeah, snack, yeah, lunch, yeah, dinner, yeah.