Language assistants thanked

Pool Academy will be waving goodbye to their language assistant who is due to return to Spain to start a degree.


Teachers have been very grateful to Fran who has been helping students practice their pronunciation and grammar during Modern Foreign Language lessons.

He began his teaching career after meeting a head teacher whilst he was working in a hotel. After gaining experience he came over to the UK to work in schools.

He now has plans to return to Barcelona to study a Fashion Marketing degree.

He said: “It has been good helping the students. They have been great to work with and some have been really good at it.

“I like Cornwall and I am going to miss it. I think I am going to miss pasties. We have pasties in Spain but it is not the same I have learnt how to make them but I am no expert.”

Chris Jadav, Modern Foreign Languages teacher at Pool Academy, said: "It has been so wonderful to have Fran with us. He has helped students with their pronunciation and learning.  We wish him luck in his future career.

"Thank you for everything you have done for our students."