Parkour and mathematics


A student who loves learning maths at Pool Academy has revealed she is being taught Parkour during her spare time.

Alisha, a member of Year 7, started learning the gymnastic-style sport at West Coast Academy last November.

She practises every Tuesday and has found it a great way of making new friends.

She said: “I like taking part in Parkour classes. It is like gymnastics and flips.

“I was with a group of friends and they told me about it and I went to try out a class. It was really fun so l carried on.

“I like meeting new friends there and it keeps me fit. It is something different to do too.”

The former Pencoys Primary School pupil says she is enjoying her time at Pool Academy.

She added: “At school I like drama, PE and maths. I like drama because you can do a lot of practical session, entertain people and get to do things in groups.”

Christiana Richardson