Anti-bullying all ‘rapped’ up

Students have been working on their rhymes as part of an anti-bullying rap competition.

Year 7 through to Year 10 took part and the winners were announced at the end of last week and awarded with a pizza party.

anti-b rap year 8.JPG

The idea was to raise awareness, throughout the school, of all the things staff and students do to help combat bullying. This includes the iPad’s Red Button app and the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors trained by The Diana Award.

The rap competition was organised by a group of students including Billy and Ted, in Year 10, who also helped to judge the entries submitted by tutor groups.

The winners were announced as 7CJA, 8KF, 9JSM and 10LW.

anti-b rap yr 7.JPG

Ted said the project was ‘for the whole school to get involved in an Anti-bullying rap to promote a bully-free society throughout the school’.

Billy said: “Most people listen to rap and it is a great way to express how you feel about bullying.

“Everyone made their rap, wrote it down, rehearsed it, filmed it and sent it to us to judge.

“Everyone was eager to do raps and record it. They were enthusiastic about the event and we were really excited to see how it went.”

Claire Meakin said: “It was wonderful to see everyone getting involved. Their enthusiasm and creativity was inspiring.

“Congratulations to the winners.”

Christiana Richardson