Banger racing student shows off his trophies

A keen banger racer from Pool Academy has had a large collection of trophies awarded to him for his driving skills.

Harvie, in Year 8, has his own red, white and blue mini which he races at events around the country.

He says his large collection of trophies includes one his younger brother picked up at an event.


Harvie said: “I got into banger racing when I was 11. My grandad started when he was 11 too. He inspired my younger brother and I to get into it and it progressed from there.”

The 13 year-old started to learn the basics when he was younger, in a friend’s field, and just progressed from there.

He said: “There is a race track in St Day where I go as well.”

Harvie travels far and wide for his sport and the farthest to date was an event in Scotland where he was also awarded a cup.

He is proud of his large trophy collection and the biggest one he owns was handed to him for the Best Presentation of Car, Best Race and First in finals. it was given to him after he went racing in Devon.

He takes part in the 11 to 16 year-old category races.

He added: “I have a race on June 30th in Bristol. It is the first one I have had there. I am excited. It is quite a hilly one so I am going to be practising hills a lot.”

He said the events take place through rain, snow and ice, although he has not raced in these conditions.

He has never broken any bones racing although he was once quite sore after an incident when his car was pushed into a fence.

Christiana Richardson