Students learn about army life

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Students were put through their paces recently when members of the army arrived to show them what life is like in that career.

A number of problem solving and physical activities were created for Year 9s to take part in during their recent PSHE day.

Students were split into four groups and sent to different workshops. These included steering a remote control vehicle around a course using coding, working in teams to solve problems and taking part in an assault course on a school field. They were also given a talk by members of the Royal Artillery Cornwall who said they went around the country promoting their core. They spoke about ‘strike elements’ and ‘find targets’ and explained about some of the technology they use including drones.

One student said: “The assault course was tough. I am glad I did it though. I enjoyed my time with the army, it was a good PSHE day.”

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Another said: “It was a good day. There was a bit of competitiveness and team work. It gave us a good insight into life in the army. I was surprised by the variety of jobs available in the army.”

Another added: “I respect them and they were friendly. They shouted at us encouragingly during the assault course.”

Kirstie Conway-Baker, a teacher at Pool Academy, said she was proud of her group for persevering through the outdoor challenge, which needed both teamwork skills and physical fitness.

During the day there were also other activities taking place including a talk on Resilience and a session with a Young Person's Service 'YZUP'.

Christiana Richardson