Successful expedition

Silly songs helped students to walk through wind, rain and sunshine during their Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition.

A group of 16 students set off from Pool Academy on Friday to take part in the event to earn their bronze.


They walked 18 kilometres, plus some extra ones thanks to a few wrong turns, on the Great Flat Lode and through nearby villages.

The two-day adventure saw them carrying all their own equipment, camping overnight and making their own meals.

The students also picked up litter they found along the route they had planned themselves.

Jenny Smith, teacher at Pool Academy, said the students who took part in the expedition were successful in completing that section of the award.

She said: “Students walked in wind, rain and sunshine but were in good spirits for almost all of the expedition.

“They followed footpaths, bridleways, lanes and roads, using map skills and compasses to navigate the route.

“In total they walked just over 18 kilometres, although a few extra were added on the second day as each group got lost at least once.

“Tilly the dog came to their rescue and helped them find the correct route back to the check points.

“Lots of silly songs were created to keep up moral on the journey and students really enjoyed spending time away together, hanging out with the DofE mascot dogs that accompanied us - Tilly, Dougie and Rhino.

“They all did really well and were a pleasure to take away. They were polite and well-mannered in the community with all those that they met on the journey, respectful to the environment and represented the school to a high standard.”

Christiana Richardson