Buzz plans his latest adventure

Pool Academy mascot Buzz the Bear is coming back out of retirement to venture out into the oceans in a little capsule.

A new group of students from the secondary school are meeting twice a week to plan the small bear’s excursion. They hope that by sending him out to sea they will be able to discover where the currents will take him.

wave and buzz.JPG

The plan is to place Buzz and a small tracking device into a vessel and set it out from the shores of a nearby beach. They will then use high tech equipment to see where it drifts.

A Year 7 student said: “We are going to make a little capsule for Buzz to go in so he can go where the current takes him. We are going to use solar panels to give the capsule lots of energy.”

Students believe tracing his path along the calm and stormy seas will also show them the path waste is also taken. They hope this will show people why it is important not to litter and to recycle correctly.

Another Year 7 student said: “We are doing this experiment because we would like to see where plastic ends up if it is left at the beach.”

Phil Jones, who is helping steer the students on the project, said: “One of the main reasons for carrying out this project is because we want to know what happens if you leave plastic bottles on the beach. Where do they end up?”

Buzz the bear has been on many adventures as part of school experiments including being taken to the edge of space and going deep down a Cornish mine.

Christiana Richardson