Students handed art awards

A group of young artists have been given prizes to celebrate their efforts over the past academic year at the academy’s Gallery.

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Jonty Lees, curator of Pool School Gallery, held a special event for students working towards their Bronze Arts Award with him at the gallery.

Parents, school governors, students, teachers and other officials were invited to attend the celebrations which ran from 3.30pm until 6.30pm.

The sun shone and a student had baked cakes especially for visitors to share. Students were all presented with prizes in the gallery’s garden.

During the event visitors were also able to view the students’ artwork on the walls as well as seeing Frisky, a sculpture by Sir Jacob Epstein.

Mr Lees said: “The exhibition went really well. We had lots of parents visit and our youngest support was nine months old.

“A student made some wonderful cakes and we gave out prizes. All the children received prizes.

“The afternoon event was a celebration of the arts award which they had started in September.

“It was brilliant and they all did really well.”

Mr Lees said after gaining the bronze award the students can start working towards their silver and then hopefully, gold. He hopes more students will start studying their arts award at the gallery in the next academic year.

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Christiana Richardson