Live feedback to start in Maths lessons

A new way of marking has been launched in Maths lessons to give students instant feedback.

Alastair James, Head of Faculty for Maths, Geography and History, said the original marking system saw students handing in their coursework every two weeks for marking.  He believes this new system will see them getting immediate feedback on what they are studying.

It will also help teachers to see which topics need extra teaching and revision time.

Mr James said teachers have abandoned their red and green marking pens and are now using highlighters. The ‘pink for think’ colour will show students areas to improve or better present their work.

He said: “We have moved to the idea of live marking. There will be live feedback from teachers walking around the room. They will be talking and marking all the time during the lessons instead of collecting students’ books in at the end.

“This also means students’ books will be looked at about four or five times in a fortnight rather than once every two weeks. Students will then be able to react immediately rather than waiting two weeks for the teachers to get back to them. We will be talking to the student there and then so there can be immediate improvements in work. This will help learning and progress.”

Mr James said every half term, students will sit exam papers and the data from these will be put on a system to illustrate how the whole class is doing question by question. This will then be colour coded so teachers can easily see which areas need improvement.

Students will also have access to their own results and will be given links to internet sites which will help them learn how to answer the question correctly.

The system is in place for Years 7 through to 11.

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “I am incredibly excited about this new way of assessing students and believe it will help to improve their grades and confidence in Maths.”