Pool Academy welcomes students from Holland


Students from Holland visited Pool Academy recently as part of their cultural trip to Devon and Cornwall.

There was much excitement in the academy as students greeted members of the Montessori High School from Friesland, in the Netherlands, before half term.

The visiting group included about 37 children from Year 10, and three teachers.

During the day they were given a tour of the academy. They then helped lead an art class and took part in sports on the school’s Multi Use Games Area.

The students from Holland said they were impressed by Pool Academy’s ‘beautiful grounds’ and thought it was a big school. They were also amazed by the range of subjects taught at Pool Academy.


Yteke Goudberg, teacher at the Montessori High School, said: “Our students were really impressed by how beautiful the school is and how big everything is. They were impressed by the sports facilities and after school club activities.

“Some said they wished they could spend a whole week at the school.”

On the day a student commented: “This is a nice school.”

Another student, Shandra, said: “We had a good day. It was really fun and a new experience.

“The school also has a lot of classrooms. Our school is a single level.”

Student Laura said: “This is my first time visiting England. I had a good time. The people here are very nice. They are good to talk to. I enjoyed the art class.”

During their cultural trip the group visited Dartmoor National Park, a beach and Torquay.