Student is a remote control car racer


A racing fan from Pool Academy has been handed a trophy for coming first in season in his remote control car racing club.

Kieran, a former Treloweth Primary School, heads down to Helston with his dad when he can to take part in his favourite hobby.

He said: “I do remote control car racing in Helston. I have been doing it for a couple of years now. I have three cars. I race them with my dad.

“I was given a trophy for coming first in the season a couple of weeks ago. I beat 10 others to get it. My dad was really proud of me.”

Kieran says he takes part in racing every Sunday.

He said: “I race against adults and children my age. It is on a proper track with jumps.”

At school he enjoys taking part in PE lessons.

“I like the things we do like football and rugby.”