Student celebrated with football award

A student is celebrating after being handed an award for her efforts during the football season.


Rolanda, Year 10, has been playing football all her life and is excited to have been awarded the Black Hawks Manger’s Player shield.

She said she was given the award on Sunday after playing a walking football match.

Rolanda said: “It was a walking football match in Troon and I am in the youth team.

rolanda (1).JPG

 “I was given the Black Hawks Manager’s Player award for the season. I am pretty proud of it.

“I like playing football, it is fun. I make friends there as well.

“I have been playing football my whole life. My dad is a goal keeper and he is a coach.”

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for PE, Music, Art and Drama, said: “Well done Rolanda for getting the award. It is so wonderful to hear about our students being given recognition for activities they take part in outside of school life. Keep up the good work.”