Students help tackle period poverty

Two students from Pool Academy spent hours during half term creating beautiful bags to help tackle period poverty in schools.

period poverty.JPG

Emily and Melissa, along with their nan, spent days cutting and sewing 40 material bags, each containing a pair of pants and two sanitary towels.  Each unique bag is made with a different patterned design and its contents come in a range of sizes.

Emily put on the clasps and her sister Melissa cut the material and filled the bags. Their nan helped to stitch them together. She also donated the materials, pants and sanitary towels.

Melissa said: “We made them because we didn’t want people to miss out on their school work. They are in case you don’t have enough money or if you haven’t started yet.

“It took us a couple of days to make them with nan helping.”

Karan England, from Pool Academy, said: “The bags they have made are absolutely amazing.

“It is an amazing idea and the girls who are given one are allowed to keep them and carry them in their school bags. It is something Melissa and Emily’s gran started as she wanted to make sure all girls had something discrete to have.

“They are in size order and are lovely.”

The girls’ mother told Mrs England: “I am very proud of them.”

Mrs England said it’s planned to put them in the medical room along with the Red Box.