Lots of fun on CEW adventures


Animals, art, sunshine and walking were just some of the highlights from this year’s Curriculum Enrichment week.

Students from Pool Academy have been off on trips all around the country to explore and learn new skills. 


There has been surfing, football, performing arts, creative activities, walking, visits to the zoo, skating and scootering, horse riding and much more.

In school a group of students have also been busy constructing a large whale out a hoard of plastic they collected from the community. They hope it will help to illustrate the effect the plastic waste has on the oceans. 

art (40).jpg

Freya, Year 7, said: “We enjoyed doing the project. It is good fun. We couldn’t wait to see what it looked like when completed.”

Another group helped with the school’s sensory garden and also built an outside area with a hut, balance bar and more.

on Safari.jpg

Trips out included the art group visit to St Ives. Here they were treated to a look around St Ives Tate and the Barbara Hepworth sculpture garden.  It inspired them to have a go at making some art pieces for themselves.

One Year 9 student said: “It was fun. I liked the Tate gallery, it was good. I liked the piece of art work that looked like fireworks. It is something I would like to try myself.

Another Year 9 student said: “The gallery was fun and entertaining. My best bit was a sketch I saw at the Tate.”

Zoo (30).JPG

Anna, Year 9, said: “It was exciting to go to St Ives. I liked the Barbara Hepworth gardens.  I liked seeing the art outside. The trip inspired me and I want to use more clay now.”

Other students went On Safari, visiting a number of animal attractions around the Country.

Teacher Lisa Warwicker said: “When we spent the day at Cotswold Wildlife Park the wolves and lemurs proved amongst the most popular animals.

“We spent a night in Cheddar and then went to Longleat. The students were very good but the naughty monkeys stole the bus badge and some bits off of the wipers.

“Over the week the students enjoyed the safari drive through, a train and boat ride, and lots more.” 

The Law and Order week was a success with students getting to sit inside emergency vehicles and learn about the Coastguard and Fire and Rescue Service.

Football crazy also offered a week of skills and games in the well-loved sport.

whale progress2.jpg