Pool Academy girls invited to engineering day

A group of girls from Pool Academy were invited to take part in the International Women in Engineering day.

More than 200 students from 13 schools across the county took part in the event which took part at Truro High School for Girls. 

It was hoped that by taking part in the day the girls would become inspired into aiming towards engineering as a future career. 

Organisers said ‘many of the girls remarked on how they arrived knowing nothing about engineering and left with many different and exciting possibilities to explore’.

Claire Giles, science teacher at Pool Academy, said: “It was wonderful to take our students to the event. They took part in several tasks throughout the day including, building an oil rig out of white chocolate and designing a wind turbine.

“They were a credit to the school. All girls put 100 percent into every task. I look forward to guiding their interests towards engineering in the future. A special thank you to Fiona Osman which organised the event at Truro High School for Girls.”

Christiana Richardson