Geography trip explores UK city

We had a brilliant trip visiting Bristol.
— Miss Conway-Baker

Students visited a UK city as part of their Geography studies to learn about air pollution, earthquake-proof buildings and flood management.

The group of Year 10s spent two days exploring Bristol and the Somerset Levels. They also visited Airhop, Cabot Circus and the Temple Quarter regeneration projects.

Josh, Keeleigh , Olivia and Carrie on the Bristol trip  .

Josh, Keeleigh , Olivia and Carrie on the Bristol trip


Kirstie Conway-Baker, Geography teacher, said: “We had a brilliant trip visiting Bristol which is our case study of a UK city.

“We studied how urban growth has created opportunities and challenges and it really helps students to actually visit the places we talk about in class.

“We also got to witness first-hand the traffic congestion and therefore air pollution that is one of Bristol's biggest challenges.”

Miss Conway-Baker said this year the group visited the We Are Curious science museum to revise their physical geography knowledge.

She said: “It involved designing and building earthquake proof structures which were then tested on an earthquake simulator. One group managed to create a building which withstood 1.3G, one of the best they have ever had.

“On the way back to Pool Academy, we stopped at the Somerset Levels to have a look at the new flood management strategies in place. 

“All in all, it was an amazing couple of days.”

Christiana Richardson