Autism Champion grateful to parents

flowers (1).jpg

Pool Academy’s Autism Champion wants to thank parents who have handed her presents at the end of the academic year.

Vicky Reynolds and the school’s Emotional Wellbeing Dog, Rufus, have both been given treats as a thank you for their work over the last year.

Mrs Reynolds was given a bunch of flowers and a scarf. Rufus was given some dog treats.

She said: “Rufus was lucky to receive some dog treats and I also had a beautiful scarf. I also received some beautiful flowers from another parent as a thank you. It was a big surprise and I was so grateful for them.”

As an Autism Champion, Mrs Reynolds helps to provide social and emotional support to pupils in the school with ASD, liaise with parents and carers, carry out classroom observations and complete referral. She also shares techniques with other staff to help them work more inclusively.

She has ongoing training and support to keep her up-to-date in her role.

Sprocker-Spaniel, Rufus, works with Mrs Reynolds in her office and enjoys meeting the students who come up and visit him from time to time.

Christiana Richardson