Eco-conscious student chats to Blue Peter Presenter

It was great that I was able to talk to him about the problems of plastic.
— Freya

An eco-conscious student from Pool Academy spoke about her plastic concerns when she met a Blue Peter presenter recently.

Freya, the inspiration behind Wally the Whale, met Richie from the show at the Eden Project.

The Year 7 student approached him while they were on a break from filming to tell him about the large sculpture she helped make at school.


He was so impressed with the whale, made from about 500 plastic bottles and other reclaimed items, that he urged her to write in for a Blue Peter Badge.

Freya’s mother, Kate Waistell, said: “We recognised the presenters. We went over and had a quick chat about plastic.”

She said they showed him a photograph of Wally the Whale on their phone.

Freya made the whale with a group of other students during Curriculum Enrichment week to raise awareness of the importance of cutting down on single use plastic to prevent it ending up on our beaches in the sea.

She said: “It was good to meet Richie. He was really nice. It was great that I was able to talk to him about the problems of plastic.”

She said she was applying for the badge and that Richie had told her he’d ‘kick up a stink’ if she wasn’t given one.

Wally the Whale has had a great response in the media being featured in The Packet and The West Briton. It has also been shown on the Surfers Against Sewage Facebook page which was shared by A shop in Turro and an Art gallery in St Ives, amongst others.

Freya’s mother added: “I was quite shocked how many people liked the post on social media. It is brilliant we have reached so many people with Wally the Whale.”

Christiana Richardson