Students battle the war on plastic by creating whale sculpture 

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Students have created a large plastic whale sculpture out of plastic bottles and reclaimed items to illustrate the effects waste has on our oceans.

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Eco-friendly student Freya Johnson, from Pool Academy, dreamt up the idea after collecting such a large amount of food and drink containers.

She wanted to raise awareness of the importance of cutting down on single use plastic to prevent it ending up on our beaches in the sea.

Affectionately named Wally, Freya hopes the whale will be used as an educational tool with fellow students and primary school pupils.

It was created out of reclaimed items. The frame was made from reclaimed chicken wire on an old table. About 500 plastic bottles were wired on for its body and a broken surfboard became its flippers. Old water piping, ducting and insulation was also used.


Freya said: “The finished sculpture is better than I imagined it would be. It is definitely worth all the hard work. I hope it will help stop lots of the plastic use in the community.”

The sculpture was created during Curriculum Enrichment Week and Freya’s mother, Catherine Waistell, helped with the designing and creation of the whale.

She said: “Wally the Whale is all about the message on plastic which is something, as a family, we are passionate about. The message is we are looking to recycling but this should be the third stage. Initially we need to think about reducing and reusing before recycling.

“Freya was talking about doing something at home and she asked Pool Academy and they said it could be done in CEW week. I came in and gave a hand.

“It was hard work doing all the wiring. The children were brilliant drilling the holes in the bottles and taking part.

“It is the first time I have ever done anything like this. Once the mouth was on it took shape. 

“Wally is so lovable.”

One student who saw it said: “It is amazing.”

Another said: “I love it.”

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Mr Sidwell, DT teacher at Pool Academy, said: “They have done a really good job. They started with bottles and a pile of rubbish. It has got character.” 

Freya’s whole family are eco conscious and make their own soaps, cleaning products and do what they can to try and avoid using plastic.

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