Expert to give Effective learning and revision talk

Students in Year 10 are being invited to attend an evening talk with an expert on the topic of effective learning and revision.

Dr Martjin van der Spoel is a chartered psychologist who specialises in using the mind as a tool for learning.

He plans to talk to students about how they can learn to balance focus, use motivation and study behaviour. He will also offer ways in which parents can guide and support their children through creative and constructive guidance.

The talk will take place on Wednesday 10th July in the main hall at 6.30pm.

Nigel Williams, a teacher at Pool Academy, said: “As our Year 10 move toward their final GCSE year, many students will feel under work pressure. It is important that such pressure does not cause undue stress, or revision become counterproductive.

“Some student can find revision emotionally and practically challenging.

“The presentation has a significant, but accessible, emphasis on the psychology behind the strategies of learning. Both students and parents should leave the sessions not only with the ‘how’ but also with the ‘why’ of effective learning.

“We do hope your child will be able to join us.”

Students have already had guidance from subject teachers but the academy is keen to further ensure students to know how to use strategies and revise steadily and effectively.