HM Lord- Lieutenant of Cornwall visits Pool Academy

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HM Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall visited Pool Academy to celebrate the joint official Combined Cadet Force opening and Armed Forces Covenant event.

He watched as Principal Claire Meakin and Lt Col Hampton-Stone sat to sign the covenant which shows support to those who have and do serve in the forces.

Simon Ferguson from Pool Academy is the Contingent Commander for the CCF which meets at the school every Thursday afternoon.

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Those taking part will be offered a range of activities and opportunities as part of the group.

HM Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Colonel Bolitho, said: “I am really thrilled to be at the start of this cadet force. I think the youngsters getting involved will have a huge amount of fun and really benefit from it.

“I think the Academy will get a terrific benefit from the effects of the CCF. 

“Everybody wins which is marvellous.”

Lt Col Hampton-Stone said: “It is fantastic to see the opportunity being created for the students in the school to become part of the CCF. They will be presented with a huge opportunity for the personal development and most importantly, have an enormous amount of fun along the way

Miss Meakin said: “We were delighted to welcome HM Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Colonel Bolitho to the Academy and we very excited at the launch of the CCF.”

Christiana Richardson