New language teacher enters the classroom at Pool Academy

A new teacher has joined Pool Academy’s language department this week and she has enjoyed meeting staff and students.

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Deborah Cotterell has taught languages across the country and in a number of different settings but is excited about her new role.

She said: “I trained as a Languages teacher in 1995 and then moved to Cornwall, since then I have had the opportunity to work in many different areas of education, business and health. Each job has been exciting and interesting, however, I kept on coming back to being a teacher.”

She returned to teaching in 2018 and has enjoyed ‘watching students grow through the school finding what they are good at and how to overcome challenges’.

She said: “I have been looking forward to meeting my tutor group at Pool Academy and getting to know them as they advance up the school.

“I am hoping to get involved in many aspects of Pool Academy, particularly with the Ten Tors, Duke of Edinburgh scheme.  I am a keen walker and enjoy getting out on the moors.  I can’t wait to be involved in helping make Pool Academy students the happiest they can be by encouraging them with actions, words and motivation.”

Mrs Cotterell said when she is not teaching she likes to read and walk her Spaniel Treeve.

Christiana Richardson