Year 11 student beams with confidence after visiting Tanzania

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A Year 11 student has returned to Pool Academy beaming with confidence after taking a trip to Tanzania.

Zoe has spent most of the year fundraising in order to travel overseas and help others less fortunate.

She travelled from Heathrow to East Africa with Camps International to help with building works in schools and community houses. She also trekked up mountains and through a rain forest.

Zoe says the trip changed her for the better and filled her with confidence.

There were 12 others in her group from Manchester, Lancashire and South Wales.  They visited Moshi, Tonga, The Usambara Mountains, Kiboroloni and Manyara.

Zoe said: “In Moshi we went to surface a classroom floor with soft cement.

“In Tonga we started to build a mud house. We made the foundations for it and made the mud into balls to place into the slots.

“We went on a trek in the Usambara mountains and we went through a rain forest. It felt like I was in the film Avatar.

“We also met the Maasai tribe. The people are the happiest people I have ever met. They are so happy. They were so thankful for everything.

zoe noy tanzan.jpg

“We went on a walking safari and I saw zebras, giraffes, elephants, hippos, gazelles and buffaloes.

“Going on the trip has given me more confidence and made me more aware of what we take for granted – the little things like a hot shower, a bed, having your own space in the house. When I went to visit the Maasai Tribe they had one room for the whole family. They had one mud house and a fire in the middle of it to keep the mosquitoes out. We sat down on twigs and a cow skin but it was their bed.

“The trip went so quickly. I want to go back. I have the travel bug now.

“My mum and dad missed me. They have noticed how much more confident I am now.”

Christiana Richardson