A family affair

It was a bit of a family affair when two former pupils arrived at Pool Academy to meet their dad, the school’s new maths teacher.

Stuart Hood, also a former student, returned to the school but this time as a teacher.

When his daughters Tamsyn and Megan Hood arrived it seemed to look like it was becoming a bit of an alumni reunion.


Tamsyn left Pool Academy six years ago and after completing a Degree in Maths at Cardiff University she is now based at the Britannia Royal Naval College, in Dartmouth. She is currently completing her initial training as an officer in the Royal Navy.

Megan left two years ago and is now moving on to Cardiff University where she will be starting a degree in Law and Criminology at the end of September.

Mr Hood said: “Tamsyn and Megan are my two oldest daughters. They enjoyed coming back and seeing staff, especially in the maths department.

“I think they quite like it that I have come back to Pool Academy – especially as they have left and won’t have me as their maths teacher.”

Claire Meakin, Principal at Pool Academy, said: “It was fun to have a family of alumni together at Pool Academy. It was lovely to hear what everyone was getting up to and Mr Williams did smile when they offered to help their Dad with his homework.”

Christiana Richardson