Students help to make The Big Dig a success.

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History Leaders from Pool Academy helped out last term when youngsters visited the school to find out what life was like as an archaeologist.

Primary School pupils from the area were invited to the academy’s grounds to hunt for hidden treasures as part of The Big Dig. They then cleaned them and logged them before hunting for more artifacts.

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Megan, one of Pool Academy’s History Leaders, said: “It was fun. A good opportunity. I had never done it before. I got to see my younger brother who had come to take part.

“It was good to help younger children. I would like to do it again next year.”

She said the best bit was when one of the primary school pupils found a large pipe. 

“Everyone was excited and huddled together.” She said. “It was good to see them work as a team.”

Ruby, also a History Leader, said she enjoyed her time too. 

She said: “It was really nice doing the activity with the pupils. The children all behaved well and followed our instructions. It was nice to see them.

“The big dig was a fun history lesson for the pupils. 

“It was nice helping the younger people.”

Mr Turner, History teacher at Pool Academy, said the History Leaders did a good job.”

Christiana Richardson