Students play golf through the night

Two Pool Academy students have helped to raise thousands of pounds for charity after playing golf all through the night.


Josh and Lee have been playing golf since they were six or seven at Tehidy and took part in the event to raise money for Curnow School and The Wave Project.

They began the challenge to play hours of golf at 6pm on Saturday and finished the next day at 2pm.

 They played 100 holes altogether and raised more than £2,000.

The boys said it was hard to see as it was dark some of the time and misty too.

They said: “We were doing it for hours.”

They were quite tired by the end of the event. It was the first time Josh had taken part in the challenge.

A spectator at the event emailed Pool Academy’s Principal Claire Meakin to say: “I couldn’t have been more impressed with them”

Christiana Richardson