Boys praised for helping their community

Three boys from Pool Academy have been praised by a Cornwall Councillor for helping out at a community event.

Jack, Zach and Jacob, in Year 9, offered their assistance at Four Lanes’annual village fete. As well as being there on the run up to the event, they also helped with traffic directing and gazebo building. Jack even volunteered to be splattered with wet sponges.


Cornwall Councillor Robert Hendry wrote to Pool Academy’s Principal Claire Meakin to applaud their community-mindedness.

Mr Hendry, who is the proprietor/ subpostmaster of Four Lanes Post Office and Store, organises numerous events throughout the year including the annual fete.

He wrote: “I have been organising the annual fete for the past five years.

“In the run-up to this year's fete, three students, Zach, Jacob and Jake, all volunteered to help. The boys helped in the few days before the event with preparations and on the actual day of the fete they spent over six hours directing traffic, moving equipment, helping stall holders and vendors, and doing whatever was asked of them.

“I would like to commend these boys as a real asset to our community and they have also volunteered to help with our other forthcoming events.”

He added: “Many residents spoke to me afterwards to say how pleasing it was to see younger people helping in the community.”

The boys said it was the first time they had helped out with the event,

Jacob said: “I wanted to help the local community so I said I would help.”

Jack said: “I was given the offer to help out and I thought ‘why not?’ I helped to set up the gazebos and I also got sponges thrown at me.

“I would do it again next year.”

Zach said: “I helped to point people in the right direction. I offered to help out. It was the first time I have done it.”

Miss Meakin said: “I always feel incredibly proud when I hear of our students being ambassadors in the community. Well done boys.”

Christiana Richardson