Students look forward to overseas communications

A group of budding linguists have put pen to paper in a hope to forge links with students from France.

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Chris Jadav, Modern Languages teacher at Pool Academy, has praised her students for writing letters to other children purely in French. Some of them had never written letters in the language before and had enjoyed the task.

Mrs Jadav will now post them off to Cité Scolaire Le Mont Chatelet Varzy school in Burgundy in the hope the students will reply in the coming weeks.

One Pool Academy student said writing the letter entirely in French was hard to do but they were looking forward to getting a response. They said they had written about their family, friends and life in England.

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Mrs Jadav said: “This is an exciting development in our language department at Pool Academy. We made contact with the school through the British Council’s twinning initiative.

“We will open the letters sent back to Pool Academy in class time.

“We believe creating this link with French students will maximise this opportunity for students to practise their writing skills, which will assist their performance in their GCSE Theme 1 writing and speaking tasks.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “Learning another language is an important skill and it is wonderful that our students can use this skill to make friends abroad.”

Christiana Richardson