A blooming good surprise

When a Pool Academy student panted a sunflower in the school gardens he had no idea months later he would be handed an award for it.

Adam, Year 9, has been given an award from Carn Brea in Bloom for the flower he planted in the school’s gardens as part of his gardening lessons.

He was presented a certificate for coming second place in the tallest Sunflower category.

He said: “I planted it a few months ago in the garden.

“I was happy to get the award and they gave me a certificate for me which is on our fridge at home.

“My family is proud of me.

“I might grow one again next year.”

Marie Strickland said: “We are extremely proud of him.”

Two other students from Pool Academy were also given an award for the things they had grown during school gardening lessons.

Christiana Richardson