Pool Academy rolls out knowledge organisers initiative

Pool Academy officials are rolling out a new initiative where students can plan their studies using knowledge organisers.

The new scheme begun last week with hundreds of the workbooks handed out to help people structure their learning more efficiently.

Each organiser will contain key information which, when memorised, will help students to master their subjects and become more successful in lessons.

It is hoped that the Knowledge Organisers, abbreviated as KO, will be used by students to complete 20 minutes on each subject for homework.

It is hoped the use of the books will be encouraged by parents or carers who are asked to sign to say the work has been done.

One parent, whose children attend Pool Academy, said: "We like the new homework format. Homework set in previous years was sporadic at best, so having this rise in expectations is great.  

"I think the Knowledge Organisers will help and hope by  year 11 my children will have their revision techniques perfected."

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “As well as securing a good understanding of the key knowledge and facts, knowledge organisers are also designed to develop students’ independent learning skills.”

A number of techniques students can use to complete their knowledge organisers include::

  • Make flash cards based on the KO and ask someone to quiz you or quiz yourself.

  • Cover up one section of the KO and try and write out as much as you can from memory. Then correct this work.

  • Draw a mind map, jotting down everything that you can remember from the knowledge organiser

  • Make up mnemonics to help you remember key facts, then write these out from memory.

  • Write your own challenging questions and then leave it overnight to answer them the next day

  • Put the key words into new sentences

  • Give yourself spelling and keyword definition tests

  • Draw diagrams of processes / flow charts / images and label them with extra information

  • Do further research on the topic / create fact files

Christiana Richardson