Combined Cadet Force starts

Members of the Combined Cadet Force at Pool Academy took part in their first regular session with The Rifles.

CCFsept (1).JPG

Simon Ferguson, from Pool Academy, is the Contingent Commander. He said he had many plans for the future of the group.

The first two-hour session was held on Thursday last week after school in the main hall. There were a number of interested students and volunteers present.

Members of The Rifles also arrived to speak to the children and run a number of demonstrations. They then encouraged students to take part in some team-building exercises.

Mr Ferguson said: “Thursday was the first of two sessions where the students were given a chance to discover what it is like to be part of the CCF. We hope that those taking part will be able to take part in a number of different activities including the 10 Tors which is a physical challenge, run on Dartmoor, for teams to complete.”

A ceremony has been planned for tomorrow (Tuesday 10th September), at 2pm, for an Armed Forces Covenant event with HM Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall, Colonel Bolitho. 

George Eustice MP congratulated Pool Academy earlier this year when he heard school staff were launching the Combined Cadet Force.

He said: “Cadets is a great way for young people to learn leadership skills, take part in adventurous activities, and learn new skills. From improving social skills and problem solving, the CCF will be of enormous benefit to the pupils and staff at Pool Academy.

“I wish the new CCF unit all the best for the years ahead, these truly are exciting times, and I hope that both staff and pupils will embrace the incredible opportunities that lie ahead of them.”

Christiana Richardson