New achievement points system

Pool Academy is proud to reveal its new achievement system to help reward students in a variety of different ways.

With a new term and a new teacher heading up the achievements system, staff are looking forward to celebrating students’ behaviour with the new points.

There are a number of different ways children can receive the points which are listed under the school’s core values of Belonging, Aspiration and Respect.  For example, points listed in the Belonging category include humility and forgiveness and under the Aspiration category includes persevering and integrity (There are many more too so please see image for full details about gaining points).

Students gaining a certain number of points will be entered into a prize draw where they will be in with a chance to win top prizes.

Teacher Dave Roberts, lead on achievement points this year, said: “Being awarded achievement points makes a difference to students’ learning.

“These points help students to assess how they are learning. It will also reward them for doing these things.”

Students will get a raffle ticket to enter a draw where they will get the chance to win prizes such as amazon vouchers.


Christiana Richardson