Student wants to become the teacher


A Pool Academy student wants to work in a school when he is older thanks to meeting a number of inspirational teachers.

Luke, who used to go to Treloweth Primary School, enjoys history and hopes to one day become a teacher himself. He has plans to first become a teaching assistant.

Luke said: “I would like to be a teacher. I enjoy connecting with children and tend to be nice to them. I enjoy that a lot and would like to inspire. I have had a lot of teachers who have inspired me.”

He said he was enjoying learning new things at Pool Academy.

He said: “I enjoy history at Pool Academy. It is fascinating. It is amazing to see how much has happened before we were here. I didn’t know all the gory details before. It is really cool to learn about it.”

Student with dreams of becoming a DJ

 A former Roskear Primary School pupil at Pool Academy hopes to become a DJ when he is older.


Mason, in Year 7, said he loves to use a range of technology from mobile phones to computers to consoles. He believes this could help him with his future career.

He said his inspiration has come from an American electronic music producer named Marshmello.

“I would like to be a DJ,” he said. “I like a lot of songs. I would love to be on the radio or in front of people.

“I enjoy coming to Pool Academy and I like my music lessons.”

Mason said he also has a guitar at home.

Hockey student becomes leader

A hockey player from Pool Academy has been coaching budding goalies and helping in PE lessons after completing leadership training.

Daisy, Year 10, has helped a member of Treloweth Primary School and a Year 7 student to become better goalies.

The primary school pupil then went on to take part in tournaments last month.

Daisy t.jpg

Daisy took part in a leadership course, once a week, with AIM Project last term along with other students. This meant they were able to help out in Year 7 sports classes.

PE teacher, Sharon Bright, saw Daisy’s coaching potential and encouraged her to help with the younger children.

Daisy said: “I love hockey and it is great to help others who also have the same passion in the sport.

“Hockey season has now finished so we’ll see what happens when the new season starts.

“Taking part in the leadership training and helping the Year 7s in sport could be a good tool to have in the future.

“I want to be in the Police Force when I am older.”

Meanwhile two other girls from Year 10, Grace and Lucie, have been helping to umpire games. The two students from Pool Academy regularly play for Duchy Ladies hockey team.

Mrs Bright said: “Well done girls.”

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for PE, Art, Drama and Music, said: “It is wonderful to hear about our students using their talents to help others.

“Not only do these three girls play hockey well but they now help others to succeed in the sport too.  They are a credit to the school.

“Well done girls.”

Netball player awarded

A keen netball enthusiast has been awarded Player’s Player of the Year by her teammates recently.


Jessica Elliot, who used to go to Treloweth Primary School, loves the sport and trains with the Cornwall netball team, Storm, as well as with her sister. She also has her sights set on being a member of the Duchy team.

Recently she was awarded the Players’ Player of the Year.

She said: “When we played tournaments my teammates and I picked a name for the Player’s Player of the Year and most people picked mine.

“I train for netball once a week. My oldest sister plays at Bath University so I train with her. I am focusing on my passing.

“I love netball. I love the movement and the rules of the game.”

At school, Jessica is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and likes studying History and PE.

She said: “I like finding out what happened in the old days, the changes we have had and the accessibilities we have now.

“I like my role as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I wanted to help people. Sometimes it helps me too.”

Footballers organise seven-hour charity match

 A group of Year Eight footballers is organising a sponsored seven-hour match to raise much-needed cash for charity.

The idea has been inspired by the Children’s Hospice South West £20 challenge. Pool Academy students were encouraged to find ways to use the money to raise much, much more for the charity.


Dylan, Ned and Lewis, spokespersons on behalf of the fundraising team, said they would like as many students as possible to take part.

Ned said: “We will be holding the seven-hour football day for the Children’s Hospice South West on the last day before half term.

“Our group will be playing all day and we are asking people to pay 50p to take part in football instead of their planned PE lesson.

“At break and lunch we will ask them to pay £1 to take part.

“There will also be snacks on sale so they can have snacks and watch if they don’t want to play.”

Lewis said: “We got the idea because we play a lot of football and we enjoy it.”

The boys said they have never organised an event like this and hope lots of people will sponsor them or join in.

Ned said: “We are looking forward to it and we hope people remember to bring in their money so they can take part too.”

Dylan and the team have created posters for the event.

Dylan’s read: “We are raising money so that we can help save young people’s or babies’ lives. We ask you to help support CHSW because of their amazing help.” 


Footballer aiming to win finals

A footballer from Pool Academy and his team are aiming to win in the upcoming finals against Truro.

Harrison, Year 7, has been practising hard for the match which will take place later this month.  He trains with his team Illogan Warriors every Thursday. On Sundays he plays matches.


The former Illogan School student says he has been playing with the village’s club since he was six years old.

He said: “This month we are going to a final against Truro. We will be playing in Truro and the winning team will get a trophy.

“We have been practising a lot for this.

“At 8am every morning I come to do football at school. I really like it.

“I play left wing.

“Football is something I would like to do when I am older.”

Harrison said he loves PE and DT subjects at Pool Academy.

He said: “I enjoy taking part Athletics in PE as well as football. I am quite good at running.”

Spring term sports stars

PE stars.JPG

The PE department at Pool Academy has revealed the names of the Spring Term Sports stars.

A selection of students from across the year groups were hailed as Star PE students thanks to their efforts in lessons and extra-curricular activities.

The group were taken to BorneFit, in Pool, to take part in a spin class and other activities.

PE stars1.JPG

Sharon Bright, PE teacher at Pool Academy, said: “We chose a group from PE who during the spring term had made a brilliant effort.

“The students named as Stars were treated because they were the ones who were always trying hard and doing their very best.”

She said the PE department will be choosing a group of students each term and will reward them for their efforts.

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for Art, Music, Drama and PE, said: “We are really proud of all the efforts these students have put into their PE lessons as well as doing extra activities outside of school.”

MP writes to Pool Academy

Camborne, Redruth and Hayle’s MP George Eustice has written congratulating Pool Academy on receiving thousands of pounds in funding.

The MP’s letter

The MP’s letter

The Cornish secondary school was successful in winning a sum of money from the Condition Improvement Fund for ‘future projects and maintenance’.

Kevin Murphy, Site Manager at Pool Academy, has revealed the money will go towards new fire doors and improving the school roof.

He said the Academy was built in the 1970s so the improvements were welcome. It is hoped work will start in the Summer.

Any unspent money will be used to help future landscaping projects.

In Mr Eustice’s letter to Pool Academy he wrote: “I am writing to congratulate Pool Academy on your receipt of the Condition Improvement Fund for the school’s future projects and maintenance.”

He added that he looked forward to hearing updates.

Clive Bramley, Chair of Governors at Pool Academy, said: “We were delighted to have been chosen to receive money from the fund. We are looking forward to spending it on improvements to the Academy’s building and grounds.

“We thank Mr Eustice for his interest and will look forward to speaking to him in the future.”

Scout walks miles


A Pool Academy student has hiked more than 30 miles across Cornwall with his scout group over the weekend.

Thomas Beard, Year 8, arrived at Pool Academy on Monday with tales of adventure after taking part in a Coast to Coast walking event.

After school on Friday he went to a site near Trelissick where they camped overnight before being taken to Mevagissey ready for the start of the walk.

He was in a group of three and, together with other groups, walked 23 miles back to the campsite.  On Sunday he walked 16 miles from the south coast to Porthtowan on the north coast.

Thomas said: “It took me 18 hours to complete. It was really windy and raining which made it harder.

“I did enjoy it.”

He revealed this was the third year he had taken part in the Coast to Coast challenge and he hoped to do it again in the future.

He added: “It was a great experience.”

Margh Brewer, Thomas' tutor, said: "I was amazed to hear what Thomas got up to over the weekend. What a long way to walk. Congratulations on a fantastic achievement."


Prestigious awards night for unsung heroes

A prestigious awards night celebrating unsung heroes of Pool Academy is set to take place again this year.

community awards.JPG

Last summer students were invited to the Community Awards after wowing teachers with their charity work, volunteering, caring and tales of overcoming obstacles.

During the evening their heart-warming, selfless acts shown towards members of their community were applauded.

Pool Academy staff now hope to find more unsung heroes for this year’s event.

Nick Hamblin, the event organiser, said: “In July, we are again planning to hold our prestigious sponsored Community Awards.

“Our first event was held last year at Heartlands where we celebrated the amazing commitment and achievements of a number of students who contributed so much to the lives of others within our wider community.

“In planning for this year, we are asking parents and carers to also let us know of anything that your children are doing to benefit others, so that no-one misses the chance of receiving an award.”

Rachel Facey, from Pool Academy, said: “So many of our children are involved in community projects that really go that extra mile for others. However, many are very humble about their efforts, and do not like to ‘brag’ about what they are doing.

“We are asking you to nominate them so we can show the world how amazing they truly are.”

All nominations will be considered for an award.

To nominate a  student at Pool Academy email

Student passes army assessment

A Pool Academy student is looking forward to joining the army after passing his assessment recently.

Ben Opie, Year 11, travelled to Pirbright in Surrey to take part in a number of activities over a few days, alongside about 48 others, at the end of March.


He is a member of the Camborne ACF so as soon as he turned 15 years and 7 months he signed up to become a member of the army after his A Levels.

As part of his assignment he had to run 1.5 miles, which he did in about nine minutes, take part in a medical and some other team activities. He has now been told he has passed.

He said: “I came second in the 1.5 mile run.

“I have always wanted to be in the army so I am quite excited.”

Ben has always wanted to follow this career path and hopes to become a Paratrooper. He will be joining Harrogate Army College later this year.

He has been a member of the cadets in Camborne for around four years.

Simon Ferguson, who is the CCF Contingent Commander for Combined Cadet Force at Pool Academy, said: “It is amazing that Ben has passed his assessment and will have many opportunities opening up for him in the Army Foundation in Harrogate. I wish him all the best.”

Student’s Taekwondo success

A Taekwondo ace from Pool Academy is celebrating after achieving a top grading in the sport.


Poppy, Year 9, travelled to Derby to take part in a grading examination where she was awarded a 2nd Dan Black belt.

She is now the youngest in her club, Cornwall Taekwondo, to have received the grading.

Poppy, who has been practising the sport since she was in Year 2, said she had to memorise a lot before she was awarded the grading earlier this month.

She said: “I had to do a pattern and some sparing and I had to do it all from memory. I also had to do theory about pattern meanings and what you would have to use in a real situation.

“It was tough and I was really nervous. I was given the grading the day after and I felt relieved and happy.”

Poppy, who attends Taekwondo club two times a week at Pool Academy, said everyone was proud of her.

She added: “I can do the next grading in two years’ time. This will be for the 3rd Dan.”

Justyn Heath, from the club, said: “As a club we are very proud of her and hope she progresses further.”

Student paints model armies

A Pool Academy student has revealed her favourite past time is to paint models for miniature armies with members of her family.


Luna, who used to go to Illogan Primary School, is a fan of the game Warhammer which sees players create battles with small figures.

She enjoys painting little models of warriors which line up to become armies. She has about 200 which are part of three different armies.

She said: “I play Warhammer with my family. It is a miniature figures game where you build armies.”

At school Luna enjoys History and DT lessons. She has been chosen as a History leader after she wrote a paragraph explaining why she would be a good choice for the role. She hopes being a leader will help her in her studies.

Footballer plays for multiple teams.

A footballer from Pool Academy enjoys the sport so much she is a member of multiple teams in the county.


Tilly Craig has moved up to the secondary school from Pencoys Primary School and continues to play the game she enjoys.

She said she is a member of the Under 12s Football team at Goonhavern and at Pool Academy.

She added: “I sometimes play for the county as well.

“I love football and I play a lot. My family and friends play it and I take part in different positions for the different teams.”

At school Tilly enjoys DT because it is a practical lesson where she can make different items.

Revision trip a success

An adventurous revision trip in Dorset has been hailed a success as praise pours in from staff, students and parents.

mathstrip (1).JPG

Pool Academy teachers organised a couple of trips to Osmington Bay in Dorset last term packed full of adventure activities and revision sessions to bolster Maths studies.

Groups of Year 11s were given a timetable split into morning and afternoon sessions. While one group revised topics for their GCSE maths the other half took part in activities including abseiling, fencing, kayaking and problem solving. They then swopped over for the next session.

mathstrip (2).JPG

Alastair James, Head of Faculty for Maths, Geography and History, said: “The revision weekends went really well.

“The students were very well behaved and the revision sessions were focused. They were superb and their attitude towards the weekend was brilliant. They were also all supportive of each other.”

Matthew, Head Boy at Pool Academy, said: “I found the revision sessions helpful because they reminded me of a lot of work. It is nice to revise out of school.”

Another student said: “These revision sessions were helpful as they went over several topics and they didn’t make me lose concentration.”

Another said: “I found the sessions a great way to boost my knowledge.”

Mr James added: “This was an opportunity for students to engage in really specialised revision.

 “During the revision sessions we worked on the areas for development from their latest mocks. We revised topics they felt less confident with.

“It was a really exciting opportunity to do revision in a completely different way. The idea was to have some real fun and focus on revision.”

Half price book sale at Pool Academy

Scores of books will be arriving at Pool Academy next month for a half price spring sale in the school library.

Three cases of fiction and non-fiction will be on show at break and lunch times from Thursday, 2nd May, until Thursday, 9th May.

There will be a different choice of books from the ones at the book fair last November. Stationery, posters and journals will also be available to buy.

School librarian, Sandra Hampton, said: “Scholastic and I are working together to make this book fair the best ever.  

“Hopefully we will get a good range of books. I am looking forward to seeing the students come and browse the shelves.”

Posters with information will be put up around the school and Pool Academy will be gifted 10 percent of the sales to spend on new books for the library.

Mrs Hampton is encouraging everyone to come and see the range of books on offer.

Students invited to get crafty


Members of a craft group near Pool Academy are inviting students to go along and take part with creative activities.

The event runs every Friday at Trevenson Community Hall after school until 5.30pm. Students wanting to take part are invited to try out a number of different skills including knitting and card making.

Ann Morse wrote on Facebook: “We are starting a craft group for young girls and boys aged 11 years and up who are interested in sewing, card making, crochet, knitting, table decorations, jewellery making or any other craft.”

She said all materials will be provided for with a small donation. There will also be refreshments.

Anyone interested is invited to go along to the community hall after school on Fridays.

Year 7 student loves bike riding

A Pool Academy student has revealed he enjoys off-road bike rides and spends his spare times cycling for miles.


Saul Campbell moved up from Treloweth School to start a new academic term as a Year 7 in Pool Academy.

He said since joining the secondary school he has enjoyed taking part in DT lessons.

In his spare time he is very active.

He said: “I like to go on bike rides. I go on rides up to 20 miles. I go out with my dad. I do off-roading. It is fun.

“At school I enjoy DT. I find it fun. It is good because I get to make things.”

Brave students chop off locks for charity


Two brave students from a Cornish secondary school have raised hundreds of pounds after getting their locks chopped off for charity.

Megan before the chop.

Megan before the chop.

Anna and Megan, from Pool Academy, have been fundraising with friends since the beginning of the spring term for Children’s Hospice South West.

After a successful bake sale, the pair wanted to continue the charity work so decided to take part in a sponsored haircut.

The event saw them raising around £200 for the hospice. They also collected up their discarded hair to send to Little Princess Trust for children’s wigs.

Sharon Bright, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “An ex-student from Pool Academy came in to school for the event and did an amazing job of cutting the girls’ hair.

Megan after the cut.

Megan after the cut.

“We were very fortunate to have local salon Korner Kutz, in Park Bottom, donate their time to cut and style the students’ hair.

“We would like to say a massive thank you to the owner Zoe Larkins for supporting the charity.

“We are still awaiting final figures but estimates suggest the girls have raised over £200.

Anna getting her hair cut.

Anna getting her hair cut.

“Well done.”

Children’s Hospice South West runs hospices in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

Little Princess Trust is a charity which gives real hair wigs to children and young people with hair loss.

Unlimited photographs thanks to cake sale

A successful cake sale has helped raise enough cash to provide unlimited photograph prints at this year’s prom.


A group of Year 11s baked a range of tempting cakes to sell before the Easter break. The students spent their own time creating the treats the night before in the school’s cookery classroom. They were then sold at lunch and break time in a classroom.

The sale proved very popular and raised so much money that the Prom Committee have now met their £150 target unlimited photograph prints.

Kirstie Conway-Baker, teacher at Pool Academy, said: “The bake sale went really well and we have now hit our £150 target.

“I was very proud of the efforts put in by the Prom Committee and it has been a pleasure to work with them.”

Jodie Phillips, Head of Year 11, said: “Nineteen Year 11's turned up to bake in aid of their prom and it made me incredibly proud to teach at Pool Academy.

“The committee have worked hard to raise money for the event in July and we look forward to sending the students off in style that evening.”

The Prom is due to take place at Tregenna Castle, near St Ives, on Wednesday 3rd July. There will be a three course meal as well as music and dancing.

Miss Conway-Baker said: “It is looking like it will be a fab night and a lovely way to say goodbye to Year 11.”