Monthly Letter (December 2017)

Dear Parents / Carers
The Festive Season is well and truly upon us at Pool Academy.  We held our annual Carol Concert on Tuesday 5th December at Trevenson Church.  The evening was very well attended by students, their families and members of the local community.  We are looking forward to welcoming students’ grandparents into the Academy today for Christmas lunch.

Recently, students took over the role of Principal for the day in a national initiative called Takeover Challenge.  Billy, Year 9, said: "When I was Principal I was a little nervous about doing all the work but that changed when I started doing it.  The experience was amazing and it let me explore the role of the Principal.”  During Billy’s time in my office he made a call to Clive Bramley, Chair of Pool Academy’s Governors.  Mr Bramley was impressed with Billy.  He said: “I was particularly pleased with his report on the learning experiences of students and that behaviour was good throughout the school. His report made me proud to be Chair of this Academy and it was clear that he was proud too.  Milly, Year 8, was also given a chance to become Principal.  She thoroughly enjoyed the experience but said she didn't realise a Principal had so much work to do! The Takeover Challenge was launched in 2007 by the Children’s Commissioner’s Offices as a way to encourage organisations to open their doors to young people. It’s hoped the scheme will help children see what it is like to be in the workplace.

We held a very successful Quiz Evening at the end of November.  The evening was a wonderful success and very well attended.  I am delighted to report that we raised well over £1000 and Barclays Bank have agreed to match the first £1000 through their Citizenship £4£ staff scheme. The funds raised will be used in the music department to purchase a new set of instruments for the school orchestra as well as to recondition the existing brass, strings and woodwind instruments.  It will have a huge impact on the musical opportunities that we can offer to our children.

Pool Academy has secured funding to buy a kit car to build and race in the future.  Students are being invited to get involved with a project to design and build the car at school.  The car will arrive in the next eight weeks along with a £40,000 CAD package.  Mr Jones, Science teacher, is leading the project and hopes the car will be fit for racing in different events across the country.  He is inviting local businesses to get on board to offer extra support to the project.  Mr Jones would be very interested to hear from parents who may work in relevant sectors for help and support.  Please email if you think you may be able to help.
During the Spring term, the Academy will have a greater focus on building the community and citizenship.  Mr Hamblin ( will be working with students to launch the Pool Academy Citizenship Awards.  We encourage all students to take part in these.  We are also looking forward to our first Community Awards evening- details of this evening will be with you early in the new year.  To support this community focus, we are introducing an additional registration period in the afternoon so students can spend 30 minutes each day with their tutor and tutor group.  This means there will be a small change in the timings of lessons, but no change to the start or end times of the day.  Details can be found on our website:
Please can I draw your attention to a few future events coming up next term:

New term starts: 4th January 2018

Year 11 National Citizenship Scheme Assembly: 12th January (Mrs Grenfell,

‘Friends of Pool Academy’ (formerly Parent and Carers’ Forum): 16th January, 6pm (Mr McKenzie,

Year 7 Reports to parents: 29th January (Mr Ryder,

BT STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics): 31st January  (Mr Jones,

Options evening for Year 8: 1st February, 4:30pm (Mr Ryder,

4th - 9th February: Year 10 Berlin trip (Mr Turner,

Year 7 Parents’ evening: 7th February, 4:30pm (Mr Ryder,

Year 11 MOCK Interview day: 8th February (Mrs Grenfell,

Immunisations: 8th February (Mrs Adams,

Half term: w/c 12th February
A reminder that the school term finishes on Tuesday 19th December at 1:15pm. The school canteen will be open for students who wish to eat their lunch before departing for home.  The school bus will arrive at 1:45pm.  If you wish for your child to remain at school until 2:55pm, please contact Sadie Sutcliffe either by phone on the number below or email (  The new term starts on Thursday 4th January 2018.  

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year.
Yours sincerely

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Miss Claire Meakin

Phil Jones