Y11 Exam Support

Dear Parent / Carer, 

GCSE Examination season is fast approaching and we want to ensure that your child feels prepared.  As a school, we are working to secure the best possible outcomes for your child’s future.

Enclosed with this letter is a Parent Support Pack.  This pack includes the following: 
•    An after-school revision timetable that details the days that subjects are offering After School Revision from 3pm till 4pm.  This revision is run by the subject specialists and will focus on the skills that students need to develop for their GCSE Examinations. 
•    GCSE Exam Revision Preparation information that informs you of the ways that your child can best prepare for their GCSE examinations.  It informs you about examination timings and content as well as useful links to revision resources. 
•    Additional information that supports you by sharing ways that you can support your child:  ‘How can you help your child prepare for their GCSEs?’
•    An ‘Examination Guidelines’ booklet which contains the procedures for examinations including: expectations of conduct in exams, what to do in case of illness and information about collection of results. This booklet also contains the information from the Joint Council for Qualifications, which details the legal guidelines for examinations.  
We have provided all students with logins to a website called ‘GCSE Pod’.  This website provides in-depth online subject knowledge for all of our GCSE subjects.  It is resourced with a 25,000 strong dynamic Question Bank, as well as hundreds of videos that students can access this directly from their iPad and download to support their revision. 
Students will also be having subject specific revision assemblies every Monday to prepare them for the examinations and give them the advice they need to secure the best possible results. 
Attendance to the after school revision is linked to rewards. There is a half termly draw for £25 worth of ‘Love to Shop’ vouchers and the names then roll over to a final draw for driving lessons before Year 11 leave us in the Summer term.  
It is important to ensure students manage their time properly and plan their revision.  We have been looking at how to do this during tutor time and during our PSHE days.  

Each Year 11 student has also been assigned with two mentors from school to support them with their revision planning and provide guidance through this busy time.  One of your child’s mentors is a member of the College Leadership team. This ‘Super mentor’ is available at any time during the school day for your child, and you, to support with any issues that may arise. Details of who your child’s Super-mentor is will be sent out separately and will include contact details so that you can reach them easily.  
On the 28th February we will be holding our Year 11 Progress evening 4.30 -6.30pm that will allow you to make appointments to see subject teachers about your child’s progress. Details of the evening, booking system and Year 11 full reports will be with you by the beginning of the half term. 
We are aware that this time of their GCSE course can be stressful for students and we want to provide as much support as we can for students.  
If you have any concerns, or would like to speak to me further about any of details in this letter then please do not hesitate to contact me 01209 712220 or email: al@poolacademy.co.uk

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs A Ludlow
Key Stage 4 Assistant Principal

Pupil Support Pack- Download here