Y6 Induction Days

Dear parent / carer

We would like to invite all Year 6 students who will be coming to Pool Academy from non -feeder primaries to join us on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th of July when they will follow a specimen timetable and experience a range of lessons and meet other children who will be joining the school in September.  The sessions on Tuesday will allow them to meet other children from non-feeder primary schools, prior to meeting the other children joining us in September on the following day.

Students should arrive at School reception by 9.00am on both days, where they will be met by senior students and taken to the school gym. They will then be placed in the tutor groups that we have selected for September. Please do not drive up to the rear school car park to drop off your child.

Students should wear their Primary School uniform and it would be helpful if they could wear trainers as they will be expected to actively participate in some sessions. They will also need their pens/pencils.  Students can either bring a packed lunch or £2.30 to purchase a school meal.  Anyone entitled to a free school meal will just need to sign against their name at the canteen when they collect their meal. We will also provide all students with a drink and snack at break time. Please return the reply slip indicating your child lunchtime arrangements for the induction day and non-feeder day.

Students will be ready to leave at 3.15pm.  Please Park at the front of the school and walk to the gym at the front of school next to reception to collect your child.

Also, our Year 6 Parents’ Evening will take place on Wednesday5th July in the Main Hall at 6.30pm, where there will be an opportunity to view the school uniform, learn about how we monitor and support progress at Key Stage 3 and speak with various members of staff including your child’s new form tutor. Please return the reply slip to Pool Academy to give us an indication of whether you will be able to attend this event.

As a reminder, School commences on Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 8.30am until 2.55pm.  The children will have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school after their summer break and before other Year groups join us.  Further details for this day will be sent to each student soon.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01209 712220 if you have any concerns or queries regarding these arrangements.

Yours sincerely

Mr Jason Webb (Assistant Principal)

Phil Jones