New Geography GCSE information

14th September 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

This year your child will be in the first cohort to take the new Geography GCSE. They will sit exams written by the AQA exam board.

The GCSE is split into three papers -  Paper 1: Living with the physical environment, Paper 2: Living with the human environment and Paper 3: Geographical applications. In paper 1 we study three topics; The Challenge of Natural Hazards, The Living World and The Physical Landscapes of the UK - Coasts and Rivers. In paper 2 we also study three topics; Urban Issues and Challenges, The Changing Economic World and The Challenge of Resource Management – Water.  Paper 3 includes geographical skills, questions on the fieldwork students have completed and an issue evaluation. Students will receive information on a geographical problem linked to the topics they have studied and will be asked questions on possible solutions.

The dates of the paper are as follows:

Paper 1 - 22 May 2018 PM    

Paper 2 - 05 June 2018 PM                               

Paper 3 - 11 June 2018 PM

Included in this pack, there is a homework timetable which runs up until February half term. This gives an overview and due dates for each piece of homework that Year 11 will be set along with a date and time for a drop in session. These sessions will run in HUMS4 on the dates and times specified for any students struggling with the homework, or for extra guidance on the topic of the homework.

Revision guides and helpful tools for GCSE Geography revision

We have provided for you and your child a set of Knowledge Organisers, one for each of the topics in paper 1 and 2. These should act as a revision overview and give key information on the different sections of each topic.

Revision guides can be purchased from Amazon. There are a range of revision guides available, each with different features and price tags. To find these easily, type “9 – 1 AQA GCSE Geography” into the Amazon search bar. Students have access to different revision guides and textbooks in school and may have a preference to a specific guide.

GCSEPod has hundreds of podcasts on the topics covered in AQA 9 – 1 GCSE. The podcasts are sorted by paper and then by topic. Please note that at present, there are not very many podcasts available for paper 2 but these are scheduled for release before December.

BBC Bitesize (App) is a new app that has pre-made flashcards which can be filtered by exam board and then by paper/topic. These flashcards are a mixture of information, videos and short questions.

Cool Geography is a website that contains a variety of notes not only on geographical theory but also case studies and examples.  The notes are AQA specific and are sorted by topic.

BBC Bitesize (online) is a valuable source of revision notes on GCSE Geography. Please note that these are NOT AQA specific and therefore are much more general than the revision sources above, however they still have relevant information.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Conway-Baker

Geography Teacher

Steph York