Year 11 Mock Science Papers

12th January 2018

Dear Parents / Carers

Year 11 students will be sitting three Science Mock Papers on the following dates:

·         Wednesday 17th January (Biology Paper 1)

·         Wednesday 24th January (Chemistry Paper 1)

·         Wednesday 31st January (Physics paper 1)

We have decided to sit additional mocks in Science as the exam board (AQA) have recently released new specimen papers and we have an opportunity to compare the mock data generated with other students from across the country. This will allow us to have a much more accurate picture of how our students are progressing and to determine the grade at which they are currently working.

Please note that the students will be sitting either a Higher Paper or a Foundation Paper. If sitting a Foundation Paper, the students can achieve from Grade 1 to a Grade 5. Grade 4 is equivalent to the old Grade C for the current Year 11 students.  Higher tier paper students can achieve from Grade 4 to Grade 9. The risk with students who sit the Higher tier is that if they do not perform well enough to achieve a Grade 4, they will end up with a ‘U’ (ungraded).

There are a number of common questions which appear on both Foundation and Higher Papers. If a student who sits the Foundation Paper did well on these, we could consider entering them for the Higher tier. However, if a student sitting the Higher Paper does not perform well enough on these questions, we may well have to consider entering them for the Foundation Paper. This would of course be communicated with you at the time.

Please click here to access the Physics equations which the students have to remember going in to their exam. We would be extremely grateful if you could support them in learning all of these. The students have been sent details of a GCSEPod playlist that will support their revision and they also have their revision guides and workbooks – these will prove to be invaluable so please make sure that they aren’t gathering dust on bookshelves! We also offer intervention on Wednesdays after school from 1500 – 1600.

I am extremely proud of our Science Department and with your support, I’m confident that our students can fulfil their potential. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Yours sincerely

David Buckingham

Head of Science

Steph York