Monthly Letter (January 2018)

Dear Parents / Carers
I am delighted to welcome students back to Pool Academy for the start of 2018.  The Autumn term was, as always, busy and we are incredibly proud of the students’ achievements already this academic year.  Every month I have written to you about a few of these achievements, along with including details about events coming up in the next month.  I have tried to make these letters as easy to receive as possible so have added them to our website and have texted them to you.  If you haven’t been receiving these monthly letters, please can you contact Tracy Lewis who will be able to update your contact details for you.  Her email address is or you can speak to her using the normal school contact details (01209 712 220 or pop into main reception).

Just before the holiday we reminded students during our celebration assemblies that their ‘Key Challenges’ are: Strong progress across all subjects, impeccable conduct and making a positive impact in the community.  I was thrilled with the number of students who met all of the challenges across the Autumn term and enjoyed writing postcards to them to say congratulations - I am hoping to write even more postcards this halfterm though.

We also held house assemblies where we talked about 3 changes we are trialling for this term:

●    We are opening up all tutor rooms during break and lunchtime.  This has meant a few tutor rooms moving from laboratories and workshops but now all students have access to their own indoor space.  We also have 3 large communal indoor spaces open (Dining hall, gym and library) so students can always find a quiet space to sit and relax.
●    Most students have never had a C3 detention but when it was absolutely necessary, these have been running after school.  For the next term we are trialling running the detentions for behaviour during lunchtime.  This will mean that students can still catch the school buses and don’t have to walk home in the dark.   We will notify you if your child receives a C3 detention and then the students will be expected to do the detention the next day during lunchtime.  Students will be able to eat their lunch during the detention.  Please note: during this trial period, homework detentions will still run after school.
●    We have introduced an extra registration session from 1:45pm - 1:55pm each day to allow tutors more time with their tutor groups.  This will support our focus on Citizenship this term and I look forward to including more information about this in my next monthly letter.

I am really pleased to welcome 2 new members of staff:
●    Mrs Rachel Facey -  Mrs Facey will lead our SEND team and will work closely with Mrs Adams to ensure students’ individual needs are met.
●    Ms Alana Trathen -  Ms Trathen will work in the pastoral team as one of the Deputy Heads of House.  

Just before October halfterm, many of you completed our parental questionnaire - thank you.  (This was sent as a text which included 10 quick questions.)  I was really grateful to the parents who also left their contact details and met with me to discuss their thoughts in more detail.  During the questionnaire, parents said the strengths of the Academy include: My child is happy; My child feels safe; My child is well looked after; I am happy or very happy with the progress my child is making and My child is taught well.  The 3 areas we have been working on since the last questionnaire are: Responding to concerns; Communicating to all stakeholders (students and parents) about the Academy’s Anti-Bullying strategy and Ensuring progress information is as valuable as possible.  I hope you are happy with the progress we are making in these areas but if you have any further suggestions, please do get in touch as we would love to work with you further on this.  We will be sending out a link to the questionnaire again just before February halfterm and we would be very grateful if you’d take the time to answer the 10 questions.

Please can I remind you of a few events coming up this term:

‘Friends of Pool Academy’  (formerly Parent and Carers’ Forum),    16th January,  6pm, Mr McKenzie

Options evening for Year 8, 1st February, 4:30pm, Mr Ryder,

Year 7 Parents’ evening, 7th February, 4:30pm, Mr Ryder,

Year 11 MOCK Interview day, 8th February, Mrs Grenfell,

Immunisations, 8th February, Mrs Adams,

Half term: w/c 12th February
If you require any further information, or if there is anything we can help with, please do get in touch.

Yours sincerely

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Miss Claire Meakin

Phil Jones