Monthly Letter - October 2018

Dear Parents / Carers

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful halfterm. The students have returned with a really positive and determined attitude and I look forward to sharing information about their successes later this halfterm.

Thank you to all the parents who managed to complete our online parental questionnaire in October. I have left the questionnaire open so if you would still like to have your say, the questionnaire can be found here: Based on your responses, parents feel most positive about: Students feel safe, students make good progress and students are well looked after. These areas are incredibly important for us as we look to support students, both academically and pastorally. Over the next term we will continue to work with our Friends of Pool Academy group to focus on 3 key areas: Understanding our new achievement and behaviour procedures, reviewing our anti-bullying strategy and understanding our new format for academic reports. We will keep you updated in the monthly letters about our progress in these areas.

Every term we also survey the students to get feedback about their experiences at Pool Academy. This year the results show improvements across the board. The majority of our students express they feel safe at Pool Academy, with similar numbers knowing exactly where to go to receive help where needed. The vast majority of students believe that they are taught well, and that they receive sufficient homework. There has also been a big improvement in how they feel bullying is dealt with. However, we believe we can still do a lot to improve things here, and are looking forward to the results of the next two surveys which will help us to evaluate how effective our new anti-bullying policy is in creating a culture of intolerance towards bullying. We will keep you posted on this. What is clear from the student feedback is that compared with the national picture, Pool Academy students report that bullying is far less of a problem for them. Over the next term we'll work to ensure the anti-bullying policy is firmly embedded and rigorously enforced. Alongside this we will empower the students by developing the role of the anti-bullying ambassador, providing training in restorative practices.

From next Monday (5th November) we will be running a slightly different timetable. We have been fortunate enough to be able to appoint an additional teacher in Maths - Mrs Croker. This has allowed us to adjust the timetable to enable us to provide additional teaching groups in some subjects and therefore smaller class sizes. In addition, at the end of last half term we said goodbye to Mr Ryder, one of our Heads of Faculty, as he left us for pastures new in a school closer to his home. His teaching timetable is being covered by an experienced English specialist, Mrs Boyd, and his Head of Faculty role is being covered by one of our Assistant Principals, Abi Ludlow, as we wait to welcome a new Head of Faculty in January.

Parents and officials have pledged to support Pool Academy after attending a community session meeting. Scores of people representing a cross section of the community attended the recent event including employers in the area, a parish councillor representing Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth, a community link officer, primary head teachers, former students, parents and prospective parents. The group discussed how they could help boost the learning of students and benefit the community as a whole. During the evening meeting members also made their pledges to the school which included working to help young people learn about the world of work, offer them new skills and help spread the news about activities run at academy. The plan will be regularly reviewed and all interested parties will be able to find out about the progress being made.

The ‘Friends of Pool Academy’ met on the 16th October and discussed:-

  • Parent questionnaire

  • Safeguarding

  • Meet the team - Mr James was introduced as Head of Faculty

  • The recent Family and Community Engagement evening.

Our next meeting is on 21st November and we welcome any parent or carer to attend. If you’d like more information, please contact Mr Will McKenzie (

Finally, a few key dates for your diaries:

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me ( And please keep up to date with all our news on our school website: or on our Facebook page: If you have any questions or concerns, all staff email addresses are found on the main school website. Alternatively you can ring 01209 712 220 to make an appointment.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Claire Meakin


Peter Wilson