Year 11 Booster Sessions

Dear Parents and Carers,

Your child has today received a personalised revision timetable to help them to prepare for their GCSE examinations. We have devised short term booster sessions with specialist teachers to push them closer to their target grades based on their latest mock results.

In order to do this we have changed some lessons on their timetables, including RC time.  Some students will also notice a reduction in their PE hours. We must stress that this is not a permanent reduction -but timetables will have to change to raise their achievement in an identified subject. These booster sessions will take the form of a rotation of small groups who need to practise a particular skill or paper element.

We have also designated breakfast revision to some students. These sessions start at 8:15am and run through normal tutor time.  If your son or daughter has this on their timetable but cannot arrive into school before 8:30am due to travel difficulties, we ask that they report straight to the teacher at 8:30am.

Finally we have designated after school sessions to specific targeted students and we ask for your support with this to ensure they attend. These should be seen as compulsory as this may be the only time support for that subject is available for them.

Below is an overview of the revision ‘Drop-in’ sessions after school which all students are welcome to if they want some extra support - these are open sessions for them to attend as and when they feel the need.

We obviously appreciate that there will be some students who already have other commitments after school so some sessions from 3-4pm may not be doable for them.  If this is the case for your son or daughter please email me at or ring me at the school and we will endeavour to do our best to try to find another available session for them that better suits. However, we really do need your support with encouraging our students to attend every session being offered to them as we believe that they will be crucial in raising the GCSE outcomes for your child.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Jodie Phillips

Head of Year 11

Peter Wilson